Saturday, 26 May 2012

Oribe Hair Styling Products

Dry shampoo is an invaluable item in your beauty regime: it cleans up oily roots, boots volume and revives a blow-dry. Baptise's collection of dry shampoos in various 'flavours' are very popular - and I've tried them - but I find they can leave an unpleasant texture behind, make my scalp itch and, worst of all, there's the possibility of the talcum powder hair look. Not hot. 

Fear not - there is a hero product to save the day: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (above). I bought the purse spray version (£18 for 75ml from SpaceNK) yonks ago and it only just ran out. I love it so much, I went straight out and bought a replacement for my handbag/the office and a full 300ml bottle (for £38) too today! 

So, what does this hero product do? I have very soft, fine hair so I use it when I don't have time to wash my hair (I usually wash everyday, if not every other day) or if it's looking a bit limp before I head out for the evening. It feels like a normal hairspray when you spray it on but without the stickiness you sometimes get with finishing hairsprays. It revives your blow-dry and rids your hair of any limpness, oiliness, generally 'bad hair-itis'. Plus, it has a lovely smell (a hair producty kind of smell...might just be me on this one)! 
I'm such a fan of Oribe products after using the Dry Texturizing Spray that I also purchased the Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray (above). I've just tried it on dry hair and can say already that it has the same gorgeous smell and has left my hair with a lovely gloss (the perfect kind of shine - no heaviness/ oiliness, just pure sexy summer hair).  There are no parabens and no sodium chloride in Oribe products and they're colour and keratin treatment safe. As if that's not enough, they do contain UV protection. I also love the descriptions and directions - "Tousle to taste and let dry in the St. Tropez air. Follow with lipstick and heels.! Haha! Brilliant! 

Trust me on this one, ladies, go try some Oribe now!


AB x

P.S. I have also heard good things about the Percy & Reed dry shampoo. I love their No Oil Oil For Fine Hair serum so the dry shampoo is on my 'to try' list - I'll report back soon!