Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Tux

The tux is a classic, chic and sexy evening choice for the fashion-forward lady and it's having a bit of a moment. Here are some of my favourites in store right now...

Emilio Pucci


The ultimate tux: Yves Saint Laurent

I love the quirkiness of the Pucci one but isn't the Tibi lace/leather combo fabulous? I tried it on at the MyWardrobe VIP party the other night (more on that later) and really wanted to buy it but sadly they didn't have my size! (I'm holding out for the Net A Porter sale!!)

I know the above three are super luxury expensive choices but the tux really is a classic item that will never date. That said, if you want a cheaper option, I'd head straight to Zara. I got a fantastic cream tux/blazer there in NYC recently; I've received compliments on it every time I've worn it and the admirer is always shocked to hear it's Zara! While we're on Zara - if you're heading over to Spain, stock up! It's even cheaper than the staff discount price over here so well worth it. 

How do you wear your tux, ladies? Over a cute dress or with nothing underneath (gasp!)?? 


AB x

Monday, 14 November 2011

Manolo Blahnik

It may come as a surprise to you that, prior to summer 2011, I did not own a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Not one. Nada. Then, while strolling down 54th street towards 5th Avenue, I did a double-take as I saw a SALE sign like a shining beacon of hope and wonder and all that is good, sitting in the window of the Manolo Blahnik shop! 

I ended up spending a LOT of time in there picking some out (made more difficult by the fact you can only try on two at a time!). Here's what I ended up buying: 

90% of my heels are pumps of some kind...I rarely wear strappy sandals like these because (1) I'm a Londoner and it's usually just too damn cold!!...and (2) because I have this thing about my chunky ballet calves legs being too muscly (particularly from the side-on angle) to wear such delicate shoes. (My mother has reminded me in the past that I did not, unlike my olive skinned, thick glossy haired [yea, really annoying] older sister, inherit her Asian slender calves...instead I got the more chunky (or, as I prefer, athletic and muscly? Non?) European ones. Great. Thanks, Mum.)

An-y-wayy I actually kinda adore these! (duhhh...otherwise I wouldn't have parted with the cash! Oh on that - they were 60% off!! YES, SIXTY PERCENT!!! A-MA-ZINGGG)!! I love the way simple shoes like these can immediately make a really 'done' outfit look all chic and nonchalant (think Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Aniston - they never look like they're trying too hard and how sexy do Jen An's legs look - when she's actually got them on show and isn't wearing her Justin T uniform of black - when she's flaunting her usual red carpet go-to??). Then there's the black - I think black strappy sandals are the ultimate sexy shoe, don't you? 

The style of the purple shoe was HUGE this year. I guess it was inevitable that I would end up getting something quite delicate as Manolo is known for creating delicate, feminine shoes (think of all the gorgeous creations SJP wore in the SATC series!) but I was also getting serrriously fed up of all the clumpy hidden platform heels - the Louboutins Victoria Beckham wore to the Royal Wedding were the final straw for me. What do you think, my lovely readers? 


AB x

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Park, NYC

I've been going back & forth to NYC for work and am using the opportunity to let you in on some more of the gems I've found over there! 

The Park is a restaurant/bar/club in Chelsea, Manhattan. I went there on a Saturday night for a few drinks (and a few more) with some friends after dinner at La Paella (yummy - yes, you guessed it - paella with sangria). 

The garden at The Park is SO beautiful!! You know I'm a sucker for pretty lights in trees and they have them in the garden!!  I know there are dinner tables in the picture but later in the evening, there are just lots of little tables scattered around. 

There's a couple of different rooms and they have some crazy pumpkin ale on tap too, in case the pretty lights weren't enough to get you through the door! 

The queues can get long but it's not too bad a wait if you've got some buddies to chat away's got two thumbs up from AB and if any of you lovely readers are in or heading to NYC, I think you should check it out!!


AB x