Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Nude tights

A while back, Grazia announced that nude/ natural tights were firmly back in fashion - Carla Bruni and Sarah Jessica Parker had both been seen rocking the look. Nude tights are not only great for those who want to hide any slight blemishes on their legs but are also a must for those subject to a professional/ corporate business code. 

I had always bought M&S tights in the past and didn't even wear nude tights often. I did wear opaque black tights in the cold London evenings or woolly tights in winter (I love grey, ribbed wool tights). For those, I opted for Wolford or Falke. Now, I've discovered Falke's Shelina range and can safely say you'd love it. There's a broad range of colours to suit every skintone so, if you pick the correct colour, it'll look like you're not wearing any tights and it will hide any slight blemishes or unevenness in your skintone. I'm serious - people won't know you've got tights on because the texture is the perfect slight sheen. None of that thick, reflective 'granny' tights effect (which I had put up with previously because I didn't know any better). In fact, I was very smug last weekend when my sister thought I had bare legs (when I was actually wearing the Falke Shelina toeless tights with peep-toe Gina heels)!!  Mytights has a great colour guide, which should help in selecting the right colour. I have porcelain white skin and opted for Crystal for winter and Golden for summer. 

The Shelina range offers normal, hipster and even toeless tights. Don't worry, the toeless ones are just like footless tights but longer - there's no weird toe-finger-glove situation. 

AB x


  1. Hi,
    I can totally relate to your experience- I'm in love with Falke tights as well. Shelina is great for summer, while the Pure Matt range is perfect for springtime. Although they are not cheap, they are worth the money, you can wear them several times without a run!

  2. Hi Julia,
    I know - usually, I find tights snag when you catch them on a chipped nail or a stiletto heel but both of those things happened the other day and my tights are still in tact..amazing!

  3. Hi,
    I am planning to wear nude tights with my prom dress(it's a mini), but I have to be sure that they are totally invisible, because you know, it's not an appealing thing to wear tights with a prom dress! would you recommend shelina tights??

  4. Hi Nur,

    I hope I'm not too late!! I would definitely recommend Falke's Shelina tights. You need to make sure you get the colour right though and that you pick the slight sheen ones (too matt or too shiny and you'll be able to tell they're tights!).

    Alternatively, you could use a product such as MAC Face and Body Foundation mixed with body lotion or a bronzer such as Per-Fekt to hide any blemishes, give a gorgeous glow and slim the legs - what more could you want?! These are also a safer option than fake tan because, if you're not used to it, you don't want to have to deal with any mistakes on your prom night!

    Hope this helps - have a lovely prom!!

    AB x