Friday, 25 February 2011

A Guide to Dressing for Men

The fashion wizards at Mr Porter have done it again! In a similar fashion to the 'essentials' boutique on the Net A Porter website, Mr Porter have provided us with a guide to the essential items that every man must own. Share this link with your male friends, boyfriends and relatives or use it as a gift guide!

Love, AB x

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Prada Private at Harrods

Exclusively to Harrods until 24 March 2011, stylish ladies in the know can head down to Prada Private to design their own Prada sunglasses!!

First select the frame colour (black, white or tortoiseshell), then choose from the range of options (initials, numbers and some symbols - I like the heart!) which will appear on the arm of the frames. 

A pair of Prada personalised sunglasses would make a faaabulous gift for Mothers' Day (3rd April). Think of all the brownie points....and how stylish your mama will look!

Love, AB x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Hair

So, I'm doing my usual morning perusal of the Daily Mail 'Femail' section (guilty pleasure) when I see this picture:

Whaaaat!??! Yea yea, I know she's done The Rachel and had a messy bob near the end of Friends but she's had her classic hairstyle for a long time now and Jennifer Aniston is not one for change! What caused this massive upheaval?!?!

Alex Monroe Jewellery

Alex Monroe designs beautifully intricate jewellery that will never date. I already have a gold hummingbird necklace but am seriously lusting after this bicycle necklace!! It makes me feel nostalgic for personal reasons but, with its ruby and diamond lights and spinning wheels, who wouldn't love it?!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Way

I'll be honest: my mother was allocated these tickets in the BFI ballot and I ended up going with my sister purely because she couldn't make it anymore. Having seen The Way Back and The Great White Silence  last Autumn, I thought I had seen my share of long, tiring, spiritual journey type films. However, I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend this film to you all!

Something for the Boys

Lycon Spa Anti Bump Foaming Gel

Unfortunately, many women (myself included!) in Britain suffer from small bumps on their arms and legs. This condition is called keratosis pilaris and isn't completely curable. However, I have found some great products over the years and here's an excellent one for you all!

Monday, 21 February 2011


Danny's Boyle's production of Frankenstein at the National Theatre is fantastic. Rather unusually, Benedict Cumberbatch  (the most recent Sherlock) and Jonny Lee Miller alternate as Frankenstein and the Creature. Given how emotionally draining these two characters appear to be for the actors (particularly the Creature), this is probably a very good idea to keep the production fresh.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Eye creams & concealers

A friend recently asked me to recommend a good eye cream/ treatment, so I thought I would share my favourites with all of you! I use Garnier's rollerball eye treatment every morning. Not only does it de-puff and moisturise but the tinted one also conceals any dark circles. It really does work. In fact, I now only use my trusty YSL touche eclat for nights out. It comes in three shades so you should be able to find one to match your skin tone.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Murad skincare

Murad skincare range is a-mazing. I first tried it when my mother gave me the Clarifying Cleanser to stop me moaning about hormonal blemishes around the chin area. It certainly cleared them up but was a little too strong for my dry skin. At Christmas, I passed it on to my brother in the hope it would finaallly get him off the dreadful Clearasil face wash he uses every five minutes. Like most men, he moaned at first and was far from enthusiastic about trying it. However, this Monday I received a frantic email from him saying that it had made his skin great but it had run out the week before and his skin was now awful, could I send five tubes (seriously..he asked for five) to him in Sydney? He even emailed me twice more because I hadn't got back to him fast enough....this is some good stuff!! * To give you an idea of just how well it works - my brother washed his face the minute he got the replacement bottle, fell asleep on the sofa (again, typical male!) and, when he woke up later that evening, his skin had already started to clear! This cleanser really is as quick and effective as a professional facial. 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Never Let Me Go

With Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley cast as the three main characters, this film has inevitably attracted a lot attention. Do believe the hype!! Carey Mulligan is exceptional and Andrew Garfield is a close second. Keira Knightley is good too but I find it hard to see her as her character and not as Keira, the prominently jawed actress (sorry, Keira).


Skylon restaurant in the Royal Festival Hall offers gorgeous views and is a great place for a pre-theatre dinner.

I never really appreciated the romance that London's Southbank has to offer until quite recently. In the day, the Thames is just an expanse of muddy water but at night, when the tiny lights of the bridges are reflected in the gentle current, it becomes quite beautiful! Rather like the River Café views of the East River, Skylon offers panoramic views of the River Thames from just above street level. Although you can enjoy the views from further in the restaurant, it's best to request a window table.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Erdem S/S11

Oh Erdem!! How I long for your dresses.....Last September, Erdem brought us a truly beautiful collection made up of the girliest, most romantic dresses and skirts I have seen for a long while...

Here are two of my favourites! Pine away with me....

Margot red lace dress, £1,960, Net-A-Porter

This is already sold out...sob!
Cos, we totally would have bought it otherwise, right?
Price tag?? What price tag?!


AB x

Friday, 4 February 2011

Valentine's Day Lingerie

So you probably can't escape all the red and pink gifts in the shop windows now, right?  I know, I know...we should show the love all year round and maybe Valentine's Day is just a money making trick for the retail industry....psht! A little romance can't be a bad thing, can it?? Even if you're a Valentine's Day hater, don't you think it's a perfect time to make the most of all the gorgeous lingerie on offer?? I think you lovely lady readers should treat yourself to some new sets - if not for your lucky partner, then for you! A new set always makes you feel extra special, particularly when worn on a completely mundane same-old day. Yes and I said sets, people - please coordinate, or at the very least, match your lingerie!! Seriously, if you don't match your lingerie at the moment dooooo! It makes you feel so much more feminine and sexy! Pretty sets aren't just for those times, they're for everyday!!

For the ultimate in luxury, opt for Carine Gilson or Deborah Marquit. For pure indulgence, go for Stella McCartney, La Perla or Agent Provocateur. Some favulous mid-range labels are Calvin Klein and Elle Macpherson Intimates. Finally, for the cheapest deals but excellent quality, good old Marks and Spencer is great - seriously, I know your granny probably shops there but the Collette Dinnigan range is gorgeous and made with silk.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rabbit Hole

Yesterday evening, I went to see the National Film Theatre (NFT) preview of Rabbit Hole. Despite having read several reviews which gave 4/5 stars, I am giving John C. Mitchell's film a full five stars!

The subject matter of the film is deeply emotional - Becca (Nicole Kidman) and Howie (Aaron Eckhart) have lost their only son in a car accident and the film covers their grieving process. I must admit I went to the film with prejudices against Eckhart -  having seen him in No Reservations, I thought he would act with a cheesy rom-com style. I was pleasantly surprised! Kidman really is excellent and Miles Teller (who plays a teenage boy...I won't give away his role in the film though!) was fantastic.

The main topics covered by the film - grief, marriage and infidelity - are each dealt with admirably, with several I-couldn't-have-put-it-better-myself lines. Highly recommended.


AB x

Spring has Sprung!!

Top row, from L-R: Floral Corsage Heels, Dorothy Perkins, £35; Chloé Paraty Python bag, £1,850 at Selfridges; Lanvin Happy bag, £1,025 at Net-A-Porter; Miu Miu purse, £295 at Net-A-Porter; and Miu Miu heels, £375 at Net-A-Porter.
Bottom row, from L-R: Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf, £175 at Net-A-Porter; short Burberry trench, £650 at Net-A-Porter; bicycle necklace, Alex Monroe, £210 at Net-A-Porter; silver ballerina pumps, Pretty Ballerina; and See By Chloe bag, £360 at Net-A-Porter.

Yes, it's coming up to that lovely time of year!! I know, I know, it's still only February but the sun is starting to peak out from behind the clouds in London and the temperatures are hitting highs of (gasp) TEN!!

Last September, the runways were awash with lace, chiffon and gorgeous floral patterns so this spring is set to be as pretty as ever. I've shown you a small sample of some gorgeous accessories (plus a trench - a spring essential!)....I hope you feel inspired to go and bag yourself some pastel treats!

Love, AB x

The River Cafe, New York

The River Café, Brooklyn, is one of my favourite restaurants in the whole world! It is also, I think, one of the most romantic restaurants in the world.

On entering the garden, you are hit by the heavenly scent of the rows and rows of flowers and plants surrounding the entrance. The trees are laced with teeny fairy lights, which look beautiful at night (and, yes, we know I am a sucker for the old flowers and fairy lights mix!).

The restaurant itself is accessed by a short bridge to the decking style dining room, complete with parapet ceiling. The view is a huge part of The River Café: the window presents a panoramic view of the East River right from the Statue of Liberty on the left and beyond the Brooklyn Bridge on the right. To enjoy the restaurant at its best, be sure to book a table by the window and ensure that you are seated before sunset. Watching the New York sunset whilst eating Michelin star food is a truly spectacular experience!

Yes, the is seriously delicious!! The wine on offer is also exceptional - I love sweet wine and they have some particularly special ones available, so splash out!!

The River Café also happens to be a wedding venue and I think is the venue for the party scene near the end of the film, 'Two Weeks Notice' [sic]*A stunning location, beautiful garden, amazing food and wine....what more could you want??


AB x

*Seriously? No one thought to get someone to proof-read the title?! 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The 54th BFI London Film Festival - The King's Speech

I originally saw The King's Speech back in September during the BFI film festival. I managed to post about a handful of the films I was lucky enough to see but never got round to posting about this one!!

It really is as good as the hype. Brushing aside the dubious casting of Timothy Spall as Winston Churchill, the film boasts a stellar cast.  Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush all give stunning performances. It is also very funny! Catch it quickly while it's still on!


AB x