Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Nando Lopes at Richard Ward

I wrote about Richard Ward earlier this year and given it seems to be a favourite of yours, I thought I should share an update with you!

I swapped over to Nando Lopes (James Pryce had been cutting my hair for about four years) shortly after my previous post. I had another appointment cancelled at really the shortest possible notice they could possibly have given (for La Duchess'/ Kate Middleton's Canadian tour...), James had become v busy/ stressed* and, well, naturally his price rocketed so that he is now in the same bracket as Nando. My big sis got married in September and my mother had booked Nando out for the morning, so it just made sense for me to swap over to Nando (although there was some awkwardness at first with James working across from  us during my first cut with Nando). Nando has been a-ma-zing!!! I last had my hair cut in September and it has maintained its shape after four months!! Yes, it's grown about 1.5-2 inches and I'll get it done in January but previously I had to go about every 6-8 I'll just go 3 or 4 times a year! So, if you do the maths, you could find that trying your luck with one of the stylists at Richard Ward may mean paying a bit more per appointment but can work out the same or cheaper as what you're paying now (per year) as you'd likely get a much better haircut and visit the salon less**!

I'll post some pictures of Nando's handiwork from big sis' wedding soon but just wanted to post a quick update in the meantime!

AB x

*I have been uncharacteristically and, if I say so myself, admirably reticent and tactful here....

**Unless you dye your hair....I go au naturelle so can't help you there, sorry...

Fashion Books

Check out the books I got for Christmas!!

(apologies for the terrible photography/ general quality of photo)

A to Z of Style, Amy de la Haye

Fifty Dresses that Changed the World, Design Museum

400 Years of Fashion, V&A

My Favourite Dress, Gity Monset, Samantha Erin Safer & Robert de Niet

Chanel - the Vocabulary of Style, Jérôme Gautier (present from the lovely staff at Chanel in Harrods - merci beaucoup!)

Christian Louboutin, Christian Louboutin

I think these will make fabulous coffee table books! Anyone else get some fashion books for Christmas??

AB x

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Anniversary Gift Ideas

While browsing the sales online for some bargains, I came across this on Smythson's website:

Most likely inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's book of love letters borrowed from the New York Library in the SATC film, this leather bound book of amorous letters would make the perfect gift for your leading lady and it's reduced to £99! (Yes, it was more expensive than that to begin with....) 

Paper is the traditional gift for a second wedding anniversary (in the U.K. - in the U.S., it's the first) and leather is the third anniversary gift, so this beautiful book would be a thoughtful and creative gift for either of those anniversaries. Alternatively, it could be gifted as a Valentine's or if you're feeling particularly generous, any day of the year (maybe to mark a special occasion)!

Take note, gentlemen*.


AB x

*or ladies! I'm sure there are some men out there who would be chuffed to receive this gorgeous book too!