Thursday, 3 February 2011

The River Cafe, New York

The River Café, Brooklyn, is one of my favourite restaurants in the whole world! It is also, I think, one of the most romantic restaurants in the world.

On entering the garden, you are hit by the heavenly scent of the rows and rows of flowers and plants surrounding the entrance. The trees are laced with teeny fairy lights, which look beautiful at night (and, yes, we know I am a sucker for the old flowers and fairy lights mix!).

The restaurant itself is accessed by a short bridge to the decking style dining room, complete with parapet ceiling. The view is a huge part of The River Café: the window presents a panoramic view of the East River right from the Statue of Liberty on the left and beyond the Brooklyn Bridge on the right. To enjoy the restaurant at its best, be sure to book a table by the window and ensure that you are seated before sunset. Watching the New York sunset whilst eating Michelin star food is a truly spectacular experience!

Yes, the is seriously delicious!! The wine on offer is also exceptional - I love sweet wine and they have some particularly special ones available, so splash out!!

The River Café also happens to be a wedding venue and I think is the venue for the party scene near the end of the film, 'Two Weeks Notice' [sic]*A stunning location, beautiful garden, amazing food and wine....what more could you want??


AB x

*Seriously? No one thought to get someone to proof-read the title?! 

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