Monday, 16 May 2011

Chanel Cruise 2011/12

I am LOVING Chanel's Cruise 2011/12 collection. So wearable, so fresh, SO Chanel...

You might think that only middle-aged/ European women can pull off a matching suit in any colour other than grey/black/navy...but you're wrong!! I wear my Chanel pale pink suit from the Jade collection (2009) to work and get soooo many compliments (I mean, c''s Chanel ladies!!). When I bought it, I envisaged wearing the jacket with denim and skirt with my OTK black suede Brian Attwood boots and a black polo neck....I also wore the skirt with a cream silk was actually the other day at a breakfast seminar that I wore both items together and I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous about it, but I turned up and senior colleague was wearing a red suit and I was immediately boosted with confidence. I think you should always wear what you feel comfortable in and forget about the rules - if you act and look confident, everyone else will think you're hot and admire you for your bold style!! 

Anyway..Olivia (my pal at the Chanel boutique in Harrods) agreed with me that I'm at the age I can pull it off now...a-ny-wayyyy....I saw this yellow suit and I know loads of you will be like "reaallly?!" but yellow just makes me happy (finally, after getting over seven years of wearing a canary yellow tie to school for seven years - yes, really!) and I think this would look super fresh at work (but still professional, tailored etc). I love the cut, too. Chanel suits are always impeccably tailored but they will also adjust them to your exact size (I always get a size 38 even though I'm a 36 and then gets bit chopped off the right places so it fits perfectly). 

Karl Lagerfeld also designs the clothes so that you can customise/ opt-out of his accessories. So, I got a floor-length coat from the Atelier collection back in 2007 (I think?!) and the chiffon at the hem and down the buttons is detachable with poppers! So you can keep it on for evenings and take it off for day...they also let me cut it to knee-length (cheeky!!! Sorry Karl - he definitely wouldn't be happy!!) because I'm only 5'4" and having it with a train would have restricted me to wearing it to winter black tie events...somewhat limiting I thought!!

Now THIS outfit is just beauuuutiful, isn't it??? I reckon this would work at work (ha!) and for special evening events/ dinners...

Let me know your thoughts, my lovelies!! 

AB x

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