Thursday, 21 October 2010


The Ladurée tea room at the back of Harrods is an elegant Parisian haven in the heart of London. Their light sandwiches with neat stacks of thick-cut chips are delightful for girly lunches.

It is their macaroons, though, that are truly iconic. Delicate and full of flavour, with perfectly creamy centres, Ladurée macaroons are heavenly. Rows and rows of the divine sweets are lined up behind the counter in the shop. Pistachio, rose, liquorice or vanilla - the choice is endless but whichever you choose I can assure you it will melt in your mouth in a burst of flavour.

As if I couldn't sing this cafe's praises enough, Ladurée also has an amazing selection of teas. My personal favourite is the violet tea.

So, after a luxurious afternoon shopping in Knightsbridge, why not make like Marie-Antoinette and hot-foot it to Ladurée? Go with friends or alone (with a book or to people-watch)!

Love, AB x

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