Saturday, 30 October 2010

Strip waxing boutique

O-M-to-the-G! I have finally found my favourite waxing spot. I have been to many many waxing salons over the years on my quest for the perfect wax. There are some other commendable ones out there, which I will mention in another post, but for now I must tell you all about this fantastic hair removal boutique!

First, the rooms: each is themed to a particular type of wax that Strip uses. I was taken to the Chocolate room, which is decorated with gold and brown striped wallpaper and gold-gilt framed pictures of partly unwrapped chocolate bars! There is also a small plasma TV in each room, which is a great distraction from the waxing process and a good ice-breaker for anyone embarrassed by stripping off in front of their beautician! I watched Date Night during my wax, which was hilarious and provided some conversation with my beautician, Samantha. The other rooms include Berry, Olive and Manifico (for men).

As I was in the Chocolate room, the Chocolate-Hazelnut hot and strip wax was used. It smells divine, particularly to a chocoholic like myself! I have had other pretty decent waxes but this was so good, I immediately paid for a course (six treatments, at a reduced price). My skin was actually quite sensitive at the time of the wax but I could barely feel the wax coming off!! The trick is that Strip rub oil (again, chocolate scented!) on to the skin before using the hot wax. This means that only the hair is pulled out and the skin is not tugged or damaged. For those who don't know, hot wax is a kind of wax that does not require strips in order to be removed. It dries around the hairs and hardens so that it can be pulled right off. It can also be used on shorter hair than traditional strip wax and is much less painful.

Strip also provide threading and lash tint treatments in their i-bar. On top of all this, the boutique sells gorgeous lingerie too! My favourites are Hanky Panky thongs. These are THE comfiest pants in the world! Seriously, try them! They only come in one size but really do fit all as they are made of a stretchy lace. They make great stocking fillers and cost £15. Strip also sell Stella McCartney's adorable and girly 'Day of the Week' briefs. (FYI both of these can also be purchased online from Net A Porter but I think are a bit cheaper at Strip).

I have tried all of the big names (Otilya Roberts, Bliss etc) as well as smaller salons ALL over London (and the rest of the world, whilst on holiday!) over the many years I have been having wax treatments. So, you can trust me when I say that Strip is a-ma-zing. Try it once and you won't go anywhere else again!

Check out the website: There are now four salons in: Soho, Notting Hill, Chelsea and the new shopping centre in the City, One New Change. I visited the salon in One New Change, on Cheapside (a few minutes from Bank station).

Love, AB x

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