Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fashion Insanity on AB Blab we all know I love fashion. I love quirky styles and I'm all for mixing it up...but sometimes fashion just goes a little crazy. Sometimes people in the fashion industry start to take themselves a bit too seriously and sometimes people this:

Seriously?! Christopher Kane, you have to be smoking something or having a laugh if you want me to spend £385 on one of those. Is it just me or are these basically those 'silly snake' (or whatever we used to call them) things that you used to play with at school, made into a bag!? You know what I mean, right? They had a slightly ruder name too, which everyone found very funny when we were 9-years old. In the nineties, I know there was this whole obsession with inflatable things...inflatable photo-frames...inflatable was cool if you were a kid but why revisit that and WHY make it into a CLUTCH BAG?!?!?! I am so confused right now. Is this a joke?! Am I hallucinating?!?! I know it's fun to play with but you don't seriously want to take it out with you in the evening with your lovely outfit, do you!? DO YOU!? 


AB x


  1. I've only seen these styles as eye masks!

    1. That is the only form anyone should see them in!! Eye masks serve a purpose - cooling and reducing swollen eye bags...these are just ridiculous!!