Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Park, NYC

I've been going back & forth to NYC for work and am using the opportunity to let you in on some more of the gems I've found over there! 

The Park is a restaurant/bar/club in Chelsea, Manhattan. I went there on a Saturday night for a few drinks (and a few more) with some friends after dinner at La Paella (yummy - yes, you guessed it - paella with sangria). 

The garden at The Park is SO beautiful!! You know I'm a sucker for pretty lights in trees and they have them in the garden!!  I know there are dinner tables in the picture but later in the evening, there are just lots of little tables scattered around. 

There's a couple of different rooms and they have some crazy pumpkin ale on tap too, in case the pretty lights weren't enough to get you through the door! 

The queues can get long but it's not too bad a wait if you've got some buddies to chat away's got two thumbs up from AB and if any of you lovely readers are in or heading to NYC, I think you should check it out!!


AB x


  1. FYI: Must be cautious of overly nice men that are too generous w the drinks. LOL