Thursday, 9 September 2010

Alexander McQueen A/W 2010

I was lucky enough to be invited by Net A Porter to their offices at Westfield shopping centre to an intimate viewing of Alexander McQueen's A/W 2010 collectible items. Net A Porter presented seven dresses in total, which will be available on their website at the end of October.

 Look 2 is a printed jacquard dress with bulletted duchesse skirt. The print was inspired by three paintings from Heironymus Bosch, 'Earthly Paradise', 'Garden of Earthly Delights', and, 'Musical Hell'. The metal sequin embroidery covering the bodice refernces Byzantine Mosaics.

My initial reaction was that the skirt reminded me of a combination of the curtain from my childhood dressing table and my university gown. I also thought the skirt was a few inches too low, and would cause a McDonalds effect to the posterior. However, after viewing the film of the catwalk presentation (screened for us by Net A Porter during the viewing), I realised that, of course, the skirt is placed perfectly. Any higher would be catastrophic for the hips.

Price £12,420.00

Look 6 is a kimono decorated with lion-print jacquard. Although seemingly simplistic, as with all of the other looks, the minimum possible amount of seams and darts were used in the making of this dress. That alone makes each of the dresses a masterpiece in atelier.

Price £6,595.00

Look 3 is a gorgeous red Duchesse dress, in Alexander McQueen's signature billowing curve-enhancing silhouette shape. The embroidery is metal based and was inspired by the 17th century Dutch wood carver, Grinling Gibbons. A combination of bullion, threadwork, metal sequins, metal flowers and metal beading were used.

Retail price £7,640.00
 Look 12 is my favourite and, incidentally, my lucky number (it's meant to be!). I fell in love with it at first sight and become immobile, staring at it in awe. I can't say I liked the skull-cap paired with the dress in the catwalk show, though.

This Duchesse and chiffon dress features an angel wing print on the back, which reminds me of the beautiful scene of Clare Danes in fancy dress as an Angel in Baz Luhrmann's, 'Romeo and Juliet'.

The print was inspired by the 15th century Flemish church painter, Hugo van der Goes. The embroidery is silver and light gold bullion backed onto organza.

This would make a stunning bridal dress for a fashion forward, modern but romantic bride.

Price £7,165.00

Look 5 was the last dress that Lee McQueen placed on a mannequin. The print references the 15th century artist, Stephan Lochner's three church paintings of the Inunciation. The fabric is silck Duchesse. The gold painted goose feathers that make up the underskirt are a surprising and luxurious addition (look at the bottom left of the dress).

Price £7,165.00

 Look 4 is the Angel Jacquard Peplum mini dress. The jacquard is placed, which means that the pattern must be in the exact same place on each dress produced. Only one piece of fabric is used to make the entire dress, creating the fabulous feminine silhouette, again using barely any seams or darts.

Price £4,775.00

Love, AB x

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