Saturday, 25 September 2010

Three Times a Lady

Unless you've been living in a cave, it should not be news to you that lady-like fashion is BIG this season. It didn't come as a surprise: the moment Mad Men hit our screens I could sense it coming. The beautiful clothes and retro decor were even better than the mysterious plot lines.

My personal heroes this season are Louis Vuitton (above - doesn't Christie look amazing!? I NEED that dress!!) and Prada (right  - be still my beating heart...I am in shoe heaven and below). I can't get enough of LV's A/W10 campaign - all gorgeous full-skirted dresses and demure leather gloves. I'm all over Prada's collection: models pose with conservative yet sexy up-do's, decadent dresses featuring frilly detail at the bust and flirty but practical checked coats with fun button detailing.

I am made up of several fashion personalities: the demure lady; the chic androgynous gal; the glitter-loving, floral-print-wearing girl's girl; and the sexy senorita. Growing up, I yearned to wear all of the outfits I put together in my head yet found that often they were too old for my age. I am ecstatic that not only am I old enough for them now but also the demure lady in me is bang on the money this Autumn.

 I will be working the three handbags pictured (left) this Autumn. On the far left is a hand-me-down from my mother. It is Franchetti Bond and perfect for work. The eau-de-nil suede bag is vintage Laura Ashley, also from my mother. I can understand the satisfaction that certain people get when they discard items from their wardrobe and bask in the ordered space left behind - I am a neat-freak myself. However, I am also a not-so-secret hoarder. I would be kicking myself this season if I had got rid of these inherited items! In fact, one item I did give to charity, after it had hung neglected in my wardrobe for several years, was a denim jacket from Warehouse. Oh, how I have regretted that over the past season, which saw denim make a MASSIVE come-back. So, fellow bag lovers, hold on to those gems - you might see them in a new light a few seasons down the road!

The handbag on the far right of the photograph is Harrods. It is similar to the Louis Vuitton ones (pictured at the top of this post) and also fits the bill of the Doctor's bag shape that is so hot hot hot right now!


AB x

P.S. Did you catch a sneaky peek of my shoe collection? More on that later, my lovelies!

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