Sunday, 16 January 2011

Bob Bob Ricard

If you're wondering where the name came from....Bob (co-founder) owns 2/3 and Ricard owns 1/3! The quirkiness doesn't end there.....each booth has a "press for Champagne" button for those surprise revelations that require a prompt celebratory toast. Isn't that fabulous?

I love the decor at BBR...from the logo to the Prussian Blue leather booths, complete with curtains to completely cut yourself off from neighbouring diners. The bar downstairs is similar in style but with burgundy red leather booths. The attention to detail at this establishment is impeccable - from the logo to the pink & cream place mats.

Now…the food! I went with a male friend last night and started with the crystal clear cold tomato soup. It was divine!! On arrival, a jug of (you guessed it) clear soup is poured over a small bowl of chopped tiny tomato and rocket. The jug is then left for you to top up – yum! For my main, I had chicken kiev with sweetcorn and potato mash and some chopped tomatos with basil and olive oil….seriously scrumptious! This is what I love about BBR – it’s classic, nostalgic English food prepared exquisitely. The waiter recommended an excellent glass of white wine to accompany my main – the service at BBR is always informed, polite, cheery and attentive. You want for nothing at BBR! To finish, I had three scoops of home-made ice cream: peanut butter & banana, salted caramel and valhrona chocolate. I also had a very generous jug of hot chocolate sauce on the side….amazing!!

The cocktails at BBR are also great – I had the Berry & Almond Martini and my friend had the Rhubarb G&T.

Finally, I can assure you that both the ladies and the gents (I am reliably informed) are clean and luxurious! There are no negatives to this place!

BBR serves everything from afternoon tea to milkshakes and “Bobcorn” (their own flavoured popcorn!). It’s definitely worth a visit!


AB x