Monday, 10 January 2011

The Perfect Base: Chanel VitaLumière Aqua Foundation

Recently, I had noticed a lot of praise in magazines for Chanel's Vitalumière collection of foundations. My mother had also purchased the original Vitalumière foundation and said it was excellent. So, after being given a sample, I decided to try it for myself.

Usually, I use Chantecaille's Just Skin tinted moisturizer, which is a fantastic product. I always get complimented on my flawless skin when I use it. This can be purchased from HQHair, SpaceNK and the usual luxury department stores (you won't find it in Boots). It's pricey at over £50 a pop but, I think, worth it. Strangely, a bottle I bought in New York lasted me much longer than one I recently received as a present in the UK (I love it when someone takes note of what is running low in your bathroom and stocks you up as a present).

While we're on makeup bases, I like to use Clinique's Moisture Sheer Tint tinted moisturizer in summer - even the lightest shade gives a slight tan colour to the skin. This product always provokes comments on my glowy skin but is not so good for coverage if you have problem skin. Clinique's tinted moisturizer is only £15 (although does not last nearly as long as Chantecaille's) and can be purchased from Boots and all the usual department stores.

Anyway....I digress....back to Chanel's wonder product!! This foundation really does give you absolutely flawless coverage without looking at all heavy. I am considering moving to using foundation instead of tinted moisturizer (when my Chantecaille bottle runs out) just because of this product. As a general rule, I would suggest sticking with tinted moisturizer until at least 25 as it's not necessary on younger skin.

Not only did the Chanel foundation last all day but I didn't want to take it off in the evening! Chanel makeup can be purchased in all the usual department stores and larger Boots.

One last point is that all of the products I have mentioned contain SPF protection, something I see as essential, even in the winter "sun". I have had the importance of staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen every day of the year (at least SPF 15) drummed into me by my mother since childhood. If you could see her skin at the age of 57 (sorry Mum), you would do the same!! To prove my point - people thought she was my niece's mother when she did the school run and, much to my embarrassment, we have been asked if we are sisters (this was not a sleazy man but a nun who asked us don't think it was due to any ulterior motives). So readers, as Mary Schmich said, wear sunscreen!


AB x

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