Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Perfect Shoe

If you thought Carrie Bradshaw was a shoeaholic, you should see my collection! I am a true shoe queen and was ecstatic when Miu Miu produced these delightfully girly Cinderella heels:

I was even MORE delighted when my mother - officially The Best Mother In The World - bought me them for my birthday back in 2009. These shoes were in every magazine that season (A/W 2009) and every time I wore them women either gasped in excitement or simply stared in jealousy. I loved them!! In fact, I was even stopped by a man on the streets of New York who said simply, "nice shoes"...haha!

Alas...unlike Cinderella, my shoe story does not have a fairytale ending. Whilst at the club Cirque du Soir, after one-too-many vodka cranberries, I decided to swap into my trusty flats for the journey home. In the short time it took me to swap shoes, some EVIL WITCH managed to steal my gorgeous shoes! Yes, I know! Ker-azy. Needless to say, I have never been back to that particular establishment.

After frantic searching (even on eBay for my actual pair...I have small feet and thought it more likely the thief would sell them than wear them) and calls to the manager, I gave up mother, bless her, did try to find replacements but no other designer managed to fulfil my shoe needs quite like Miuccia Prada.

That is....until now! Although these aren't as awe-inspiring as the Miu Miu's, they are pretty close (and much cheaper, particularly when purchased from Amazon!)...they are KG by Kurt Geiger and I am pretty chuffed with them! Perfection would have been a velvet black bow in place of the oversized gold one...but they are still lovely, aren't they?


AB x

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