Monday, 9 May 2011

Taking Tea

As a true Brit, I love a cup of tea. There's just something about nursing a warm mug of tea that makes everything all right. 

I recently discovered Damman's Rose Pompon tea and am slightly obsessed with it's gorgeous fruity-floral aroma. I purchased it from the pantry at in the Harrods Food Hall (the small section that looks like a supermarket, in the room after the sushi bar and before the room with the pizzeria, ice-cream counter and all the amazing, colourful sweets). The container is a bit of a puzzler at first (I eventually discovered that one must open it from the small circular lid that the tassle is attached to - you may want to use one of those rubber bottle-opener handy devices for this, it's very tight on the first go!). 

I am a big fan of using proper tea leaves for my brew and when you open Damman's tea pot, you can tell why. The smell is truly divine. I have a penchant for rose/ violet/ flowery teas and obviously the Rose Pompon one smells of roses but it also has orange blossom in it too! 

To make a proper cup of tea, boil enough water to fill the tea pot. Then put the kettle on again. Once it's boiled, pour the water from the tea pot into each of the mugs (which should be tall and thin or delicate china tea cups. Mugs are for the morning only!). This will keep the tea warm once it is served and avoid that hideous glug of cold tea (eugh!). For two, I would put 1.5 teaspoonfuls of tea leaves into the pot and for four, I'd say two and a bit (proper tea leaves will be far too strong to abide the one-per-person rule). Next, pour the just-boiled (but never boiling) water into the pot and leave for around 4-6 minutes. Throw away the hot water that's warming the mugs and pour a splash of (preferably organic, semi-skimmed) milk into each. The reason you must pour milk in first is that pouring the tea on top helps to emulsify the fats in the milk and means the two liquids blend better. All that's left now is to sit back and enjoy your cuppa - hopefully with some scones/ macaroons/ biscuits or other yummy pastries!! 


AB x

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