Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I am a BIG fan of cupcakes and think they're a great idea for small girly gatherings as they avoid the issue of cake cutting (a faff for off numbers and people will always say they want less than they actually do!). They're also fantastic for kids parties and the Hummingbird Bakery's book is great if you want a fun afternoon of baking with the kids!

However, if like me, you love baking (and eating sugary goodies!) but really don't have the time, here are some of my favourite bakeries in London. Click the title to be directed to their website...

They have a fantastic range and also make great personalised cakes (their cupcakes are pictured at the top). They serve everything from Earl Grey to Peanut Butter cupcakes as well as the usual chocolate and vanilla. They also have Batman and Hello Kitty creations!! 

The PB do their icing flatter and it's not as sickly as some of the others on offer. 

I often buy Lola's cupcakes from Harrods (pictured below) in the Food Hall. Again, there's a great range of flavours and they also do a giant cupcake cake and a cake with cupcakes decorating the top! They will also personalise cupcakes for birthdays and special events (even corporate events!). Lola's icing is swirled high and is the hard, sugary kind. 

The Hummingbird Bakery are known for their Red Velvet cupcakes but I actually prefer that in a cake than cupcakes (I've had Lola's RV cake but have tried cupcakes from both Lola's and the Hummingbird Baker). The cupcakes have loads of icing and it's the sugary kind, like Lola's. Ok, I've mentioned the great HB enough in this blog so I will just direct you to their website and my earlier post, lest you think I'm an employee!! 

I have to say I was disappointed both times I tried Bea's (once in each of their shops). I find the icing rather moussey - perhaps those of you who don't like sickly icing will prefer them? FYI if you don't like the recipe in the Hummingbird Bakery book, I would suggest you add more butter and use less icing sugar. This will give a more savoury, creamy icing than their suggested version. I did this by mistake once (!) and my mother much preferred it (she's not got as much of a sweet tooth as yours truly). 

That said, I often walk past their One New Change store and the other cakes on offer certainly look fantastic. I will have to sample a few more for you soon and get back to you!

A few others I've heard good things about are the Love Bakery and Konditor and Cook. Konditor and Cook has been recommended by people in the know like Nigella Lawson as well as friends and I've been meaning to try it for ages - definitely a worth a look (and a taste)!!


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