Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Latest "It" Nail Colour: Mimosa by Chanel

Chanel have a bit of a knack for producing a season's hottest nail polish shade (remember the crazy waiting lists for Jade Green, as part of Chanel's Jade Collection back in 2009?)

There were ridiculous queues for Jade Green and I'm still flaunting mine in 2011!! The Jade Pink shade was somewhat over-looked in the rush to get the coveted Jade's actually a rather pretty peachy-pink shade - a good nude shade for those with slightly tanned skin. 

Anyway....back to the HOTTT shade of the moment - Mimosa!! The folks over at Chanel had already mentioned this to me. Then my friend CC, who I posted about in my Spring Nails post and who exchanges her latest purchases (including nail polish colours) with me via Whatsapp on a regular basis (you can say we're weird but whenever people discover this, they start doing the same with me!! It's so much fun*) messaged me the top picture of her latest buys: Morning Rose and Mimosa, both from the, 'Les Fleurs D'Ete De Chanel' collection (Summer 2011). I LOVE IT!! The collection in general, I mean - the latest eyeshadows, gorgeous colour palette....but there have been buzzings galore over the juicy yellow shade. It makes sense as 2011 is alllll about COLOUR***. This is not a year to be a shrinking violet!!**

It's already out in Selfridges but will be available nationwide on 20 May. GRAB IT WHILE IT'S HOT!!! (and available!!) heard it here first, chicas!!****

I'm also going to be purchasing a bottle of Orange Fizz, which has been around for a while I believe but it totally on trend with the coral/ orange thang going on. My friend (we'll call this one HW...cos those are her initials) texted it to me the other day and it brought out the green-eyed monster!!*****

Orange Fizz is not a new shade, so you can buy it from Boots and the usual Chanel stockists. 


AB x

*also...this guy discovered his girlfriend was always wanting to text her friend from the changing rooms in department stores, to get their opinion on an outfit before buying. So, designed this crazy thing, which I think is currently on trial in Westfield, where you can take a picture and then post it on Facebook or even to the general public?! Clearly my Whatsapp habit isn't so strange after all!!

**I love violets (flower, scent, sweets...) - why can't it be vibrant violets instead?? 

***I think you get my point...

****well, you would have if silly Blogger hadn't swallowed my previous post into some black-hole in cyberspace 

*****SEE!! It is contagious!!

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