Friday, 22 April 2011

Spring Nails

Hi, my name's AB and I have a nail polish addiction! I change my nail colour at least once a week and am constantly swapping new purchases with my friend (we'll call her CC) over in Hong Kong via Whatsapp (seriously useful for sending shopping purchases/ outfit choices to your gal pals). are some of my most recent purchases from Essie:

Essie 'Jazz'
Essie 'Nice is Nice' from the French Affair collection

Apologies for the bad pictures and slightly scraggy looking nails! It's been a veeerry long week to say the least! Aren't they lovely colours though?! The lavender actually looks slightly sheerer and pale in reality. I got great feedback on both. Lavender is quite a buzz colour at the moment but the taupe is seriously classy and is perfect for work. 

What are your favourite nail enamel colours? Coral is H-O-T this season and I'm loving it on my nails too:

My all-time favourite brands are Essie (duhh), OPI and Chanel. I will post some of my classic wear forever shades as part of my Essentials series on my favourite beauty products soon, I promise! 


AB x

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