Saturday, 19 February 2011

Murad skincare

Murad skincare range is a-mazing. I first tried it when my mother gave me the Clarifying Cleanser to stop me moaning about hormonal blemishes around the chin area. It certainly cleared them up but was a little too strong for my dry skin. At Christmas, I passed it on to my brother in the hope it would finaallly get him off the dreadful Clearasil face wash he uses every five minutes. Like most men, he moaned at first and was far from enthusiastic about trying it. However, this Monday I received a frantic email from him saying that it had made his skin great but it had run out the week before and his skin was now awful, could I send five tubes (seriously..he asked for five) to him in Sydney? He even emailed me twice more because I hadn't got back to him fast enough....this is some good stuff!! * To give you an idea of just how well it works - my brother washed his face the minute he got the replacement bottle, fell asleep on the sofa (again, typical male!) and, when he woke up later that evening, his skin had already started to clear! This cleanser really is as quick and effective as a professional facial. 

The Murad website provides a 'what's right for me' questionnaire service. Once you have completed the form, it explains which products are suitable for you and why. It will also email you a copy of the results. This is really handy as far too many people misdiagnose their skin type. For example, many people think they have combination skin when really they have dry skin on the surface with oil underneath. This requires different treatment to those who have, for example, dry skin on their cheeks but blemishes on the T Zone.

For Londoners, Urban Retreat at Harrods provide Murad facials. For those outside of London, the Murad website has a map showing the salon locations in the rest of the UK. There are stockists all over the globe, though, so check out the US website too!! I haven't tried the facials or other products yet (although I have the T Zone serum for normal/ combination skin in the post for me to try out!! I'll let you know my thoughts on that one) but, given how well the Clarifying range and the Refreshing cleanser have worked, I am confident in recommending the entire skincare range to you all.

Love, AB x

* If there are any Australian residents reading this, don't worry - Mecca cosmetics online and Myer's stores stock the products! 

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  1. Proactiv sells very well and has great results as well.

    1. Have you tried it then? They just brought it to the UK!