Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Hair

So, I'm doing my usual morning perusal of the Daily Mail 'Femail' section (guilty pleasure) when I see this picture:

Whaaaat!??! Yea yea, I know she's done The Rachel and had a messy bob near the end of Friends but she's had her classic hairstyle for a long time now and Jennifer Aniston is not one for change! What caused this massive upheaval?!?!

Now, I do think her navy/ brown/ black/ grey/ khaki palette and very safe outfit choices (day - bootleg jeans, wedges, vest, cardi, shades/ evening - LBD) is terrrribly dull (although it does ensure she doesn't get put in the OMG WHAT WAS SHE THINKING page of magazines), I do think her same-old haircut was a keeper!! Yea, she might get bored of it. Yea, I get massively bored of my own hair and have changed between long, mid and short hair regularly (although my hairdresser James at Richard Ward is always trying to get me to keep it short, persuading me by assuring me it was will look 'soo sexy' - what? noooo flattery won't work with me! oh, go on, CUT IT ALL OFF!). Still, I think her old style showed off her glossy, unbelievably shiny, healthy hair best. She's also gone lighter, which I think is a no-no.

If Elle Macpherson is The Body, I think Jennifer Aniston is (or was) The Hair....not so convinced she deserves that title any more though!! What do you think??

Love, AB x

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