Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rabbit Hole

Yesterday evening, I went to see the National Film Theatre (NFT) preview of Rabbit Hole. Despite having read several reviews which gave 4/5 stars, I am giving John C. Mitchell's film a full five stars!

The subject matter of the film is deeply emotional - Becca (Nicole Kidman) and Howie (Aaron Eckhart) have lost their only son in a car accident and the film covers their grieving process. I must admit I went to the film with prejudices against Eckhart -  having seen him in No Reservations, I thought he would act with a cheesy rom-com style. I was pleasantly surprised! Kidman really is excellent and Miles Teller (who plays a teenage boy...I won't give away his role in the film though!) was fantastic.

The main topics covered by the film - grief, marriage and infidelity - are each dealt with admirably, with several I-couldn't-have-put-it-better-myself lines. Highly recommended.


AB x

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