Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Monica Vinader Jewellery

I've been a fan of Monica Vinader's stacking rings for a few years now and always get compliments when I wear them. 

I just had a go at taking some pictures of my collection but I can't get the lighting right so will take some in daylight for you later this week...here is one from the website to keep you going!

Isn't it beautiful?? They somehow seem modern but classic at the same time. I have a set of three chunky gold rings (as shown above), made up of a round smokey quartz, a round black onyz and a square black onyz plus another set of two with thinner, more delicate gold bands (which I love on rings - thin bands somehow make your fingers also seem elegant and delicate) with a green stone in one, larger 'nugget' ring and a small purple one...sooo pretty!!

ANYWAY....this point of this post is actually to share some exciting Monica Vinader news with you.....drum roll please!!!.........You can now create your own necklace! How cool is that?! 

The idea is similar to creating a charm bracelet (for which, try TiffanyThomas Sabo or Links of London) only with a pendant instead. You can pick from a range of chains, pendants and 'enchancers' so each necklace should be unique. 

Now, I've always liked to have a slightly quirky take on things, not just being different for the sake of it though (that annoys me), it's just a lot of the time I go for the slightly quirky option cos it's more me but I definitely try to avoid walking down the street like a Topshop zombie, looking like every other woman. So I think MV are on to a winner here, offering you the chance to mix it up...a bit like those jewellery kits little girls play with..remember making your own bead bracelets?! Except this time, you have skilled jewellers making the charms for you!  

So get inspired and creative (and leave the laptop screen just casually open in the living room for your man to see)!!

Oohhh one last thing - Monica Vinader also does seriously cute and very chic friendship bracelets, which make fabulous presents for girl friends and sisters! AND there's a Japan relief bracelet available right now. 


AB x 

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