Friday, 1 April 2011

Dream Bag

I popped over to see the girlies at the Chanel boutique in Harrods the other day and did a ma-husive double-take when I saw this bad boy.....O-M-to-the-G!!! Isn't it beautiful!?!

Purple is one of my favourite colours* and I have been lusting after a 2.55 forever. My Mum has an amazing collection which she'll never let me near - she's incredibly generous with the rest of her unbelievably fashion-forward wardrobe but gets (understandably) precious about her beloved Chanel bags. 

So...if anyone has a couple of grand to spare, feel free to purchase said dream bag and swing it by AB Blab HQ ;)

AB x

*I love violet, bright cherry red and eau de nil, since you ask. 

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